Why we trust the Ethereum blockchain

Why we trust the Ethereum blockchain

Many social projects have high administration costs – some of the projects have a cost structure of up to 50% that means if you are sending 1 dollar to the project – that only 50 cents are actually ending up creating value for the project. We worked very long with all of our suppliers and partners to achieve a cost structure per today of 88% that means our whole project runs on a cost structure of 12% that means out of 1 dollar invested into the project we use 88 cents to work for the project and therefore establish our offering of 5% p.a. interest payments credited yearly into your Ethereum Wallet.

We estimated that with increasing offerings we can also reduce the costs even further, this can be achieved together with our investors, suppliers, and partners.

If you wish to start investing in the project you can simply start here via http://kyc.blockchainmaji.com/ or simply donate if you don’t see a reason into investing. If you do not have yet a present for Xmas for your loved ones, you should think about acquiring the Maji Token for your family and friends. You can also invite your family and friends here and receive a 1% cashback on every successful investment of your referrals.

In case you don’t know anything yet about the Maji Token feel free to watch the following video.

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