Our mission with Maji Holding AG

Our mission with Maji Holding AG

Who are we?

Maji provides simple and secured financing for a first-of-its kind United Nations Clean Development
Mechanism “CDM” project through a Swiss private company. Maji’s aim is to provide water filters and cookstoves to improve health and living standards across Africa. The efficiency of the program and the experience of its partners has elevated the economic and ecological lives of hundred of thousands of people already.

Each device deployed generates Certified Emission Reductions “CERs” as a result of the positive
environmental impact of their use – direct reduction of Greenhouse Gases; mitigation of climate
change – generating revenue which is then reinvested back into the project, growing it further.
The project company has an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement “ERPA” in place with
An AAA rated entity to purchase the CERs at a fixed price.

Investors can receive solid returns of up to 6% p.a. throughout the term.

Blockchain Technology
We are embracing the blockchain technology for this to further reduce the admin costs and maximise the investors returns. Using a well adopted protocol called ERC-20 we will be able to distribute interest payments every year as efficient and secure as possible to all Token holders.

Why this and Rwanda?
Considered by the UN and their Clean Development Mechanism framework alongside the World
Bank as a means of dramatically advancing average incomes, and driving both educational and
health standards higher in a country that is significant enough to make a quantifiable difference.

Market size
The current approved UN CDM project covers seven countries in Africa, and can be expanded
into other markets with greater capital injections and in a combination of ways, once Rwanda has
been completed. Our financial models conservatively support a pipeline capacity of in excess of
USD1.8bn within 5-10 years.

Join now and start your onboarding procedure via kyc.blockchainmaji.com or find out more via blockchainmaji.com

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