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Recieve up to 1% cash of every investment you invite?

You will receive a personalised referral URL,
which you can share with your family and friends.

What is in for me?

Here is an example how a typical referral could look like.

Fabienne Ng
Invited 20.11.9
Invested 500 EUR
1% 5 EUR
ETH Payout 0.032
Markus Baum
Invited 20.11.9
Invested 0 EUR
1% 0 EUR
ETH Payout 0.00
Manuela Laax
Invited 20.11.9
Invested 5000 CHF
1% 50 CHF
ETH Payout 0.29

Why we allow cashbacks for each successfull referred investment?

Usually something like this is only for financial advisors who receive certain finder fees on deal they refer to their network. We want to give this opportunity to our loyal investors. If you think this project might be interesting for any of your inner circle. Let them know, if they invest – we got your back.

How does it work?

Simply invite people with your personalised link. We will pay out every
month your Cashback, once the investment of your referral is

Invite your contacts and let them pass the KYC. Once they invested you will receive 1% of the amount they invested directly into your Ethereum-Wallet.

Our philosophy is simple. If you like our product or in this case your investment – you will be able to get rewarded with a fair bonus for each investment you refer for Maji Holding AG. This has never been done before with such a public offer. We are changing this because we believe this project should be accessible to as many people as possible.

Your referred investors can now join and fill out the KYC application.

This is needed to comply with the local regulations.

Once the approval for the Investor has been sent, your Investor will be able to invest based on the instructions given.

If you or on of your referred Investors need help be sure to get in touch with us.

Once a Investor acquires Maji Holding AG Tokens we will match the investor emails from our KYC Database with the emails which signed up through a referral Link. This way we know by whom whey have been invited.

With this mechanism we are able to track each successful referral. We can only pay out s referral bonus if the investor aquired Maji Holding AG Tokens.

Once any of your referred investors invested to the Maji Holding AG STO we will pay out the referral bonus every 1-2 months.

Please note that for this you need to have an approved KYC profile yourself via

Missing a payout?

Please contact us through email or via our social media channels if you have not received your referral bonus which you are entitled to.

Are you excited?

Start your referrals now and help us spread the project to
everyone across the european union.

You will receive a personalised referral URL,
which you can share with your family and friends