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Maji Token (Project Tubeho Neza)

  1. Prospectus can be viewed here
  2. Dataroom can be viewed here
  3. Offer Duration (June 2020 – June 20201)
  4. Token issuance (December 2020)
  5. First interest payment (June 2021) then for each consecutive year
  6. Coupon – 5% p.a. for 10 years
  7. Minimum Investment 100 USD or equivalent in ETH
  8. Total offer amount (10 million USD, with potential increase to 20 million USD)
  9. Par Value 100 USD
  10. Currencies USD, ETH, EUR, CHF,
  11. KYC is done through BDO Liechtenstein
  12. We have a reliable Banking Partner in Liechtenstein (Bank Frick)
  13. Our Legal advisor is Scheiber Law
  14. Technical project management is done through Equanimity AG

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Timeline – Issuance of carbon credits. 

This is an example showing the milestones from fundraising to the final delivery and issuance of the Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

timeline of fundraise

timeline of fundraise

Potential timeline for distribution of interest payments.

You will receive your initial investment back after the duration of the financial instrument Maji Token.

interest payment schedule

interest payment schedule

Maji Token interest payment calculator

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If you invest to acquire Maji Tokens.

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How to KYC as Investor

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Project Highlights

  • Tubeho Neza is one of the largest programs of its kind. The project runs under the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change and operates in partnership with the Rwandan Government and our on-the-ground implemenation company, DelAgua Health Rwanda.

High efficiency cookstoves and advanced water filters providing clean water and air are
given to the poorest rural communities in Rwanda, with undeniable results:

  • Over 1.5 million Rwandans currently have clean water to drink and
    safer air to breathe due to our devices.
  •  50% reduction in the odds of diarrhoea in children under 5, which is one of the
    leading causes of death.
  • 73% reduction in household air pollution.
  • 28% reduction in cookstove emission exposure among children.


  • Registered with the UNFCCC and American Carbon Registry enabling each device to earn
    Certified Emission Reductions (“CERs”), these are sold to AAA rated off takers.
  • A unique Pay for Performance model aligns all stakeholders.
  • Unparalleled public private collaboration making the implementation of the project a
    resounding success.
  • The retail campaign with the support of media awareness, will create commercially sustainable
    micro economies across the country, building on that already in existence through the device
    assembly and distribution businesses and local employment initiatives.
  • Investor groups have latitude to tailor and replicate this blueprint to any country of their
    choosing or alignment.
  • Exponential scaleability through the replication of the project in other UN registered countries
    including DRC, Burundi, Kongo, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda.
  • Significant project pipeline of in excess of $1 billion within 5-10 years. This expansion will
    benefit from utilising the existing CDM approval and the same UN Programme of Activities.
  • Project is a pilot for the conceptual new health credit Averted Disability Adjusted Life Year
    ‘ADALY’ market which ADDITIONAL year of life due to the health benefits of the devices.
  • Project is highly supportive of more than half of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
    and Rwanda’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to climate change.

High level overview

  • Investor opportunity: To support the final round of financing of this exciting multi faceted initiative, catalysing change across Africa. Currently focusing on providing clean water and safer air, the project will in time encompass household solar. An opportunity to procure full spectrum health and clean climate change solutions to African communities, powered by private sector financing.
  • Structure: Tailored to investors’ requirements. Debt and convertible financing with upside in the future growth to align all stakeholders in the ongoing success and growth of the project.
  • Use of proceeds: To produce 1.1 million additional devices and launch the retail program.
  • Security: First lien collateral ownership of property, income, inventory and pre-sold carbon credits.
  • Revenues: Off take agreement secured under ERPA until 2025 at the earliest. Additional income via future retail sales of devices yielding significantly higher off take prices than currently. International corporate sponsorship derived income will complement this.

Key benefits

Social & Environmental

  • Proven health impact: reduced child morbidity, mortality and significantly improved health
    through reduction of waterborne diseases and smoke inhalation.
  • Overcoming traditional ‘suppressed demand’ barriers: low incomes are mitigated through
    giving the devices away for free and challenges surrounding poor infrastructure are eased by
    the Rwandan Government providing logistics.
  • Positive carbon footprint: reduced deforestation and CER generation.
  • Strong gender angle: Empowering women and children to become educated through
    reduced time taken to collect firewood and water ultimately allowing them to make a greater
    financial contribution to society.

Economic & Commercial

  • Productivity & output: a healthier, more gender balanced, workforce increases GDP.
  • Education & employment: implementation and training programs, future maintenance and
    manufacturing contracts.
  • Commercial returns: aligned project impact with the ability to organically grow exponentially
    through the creation of a virtuous cycle of sustainability.
economics of tokens

Maji Holding AG


We support unique, progressive projects with a clear environmental and social benefit by balancing
a reduction in carbon emissions with the creation of sustainable communities through social
empowerment funded by private sector capital.


Maji is dedicated to mobilising an additional $100m of financing from investors who share our
passion and those of our public sector partners. Our grand vision is to drive the health of the
African economies and communities of the future, based on environmentally sound principles to
create a virtuous cycle of sustainability.


Maji is a privately owned company founded by a highly experienced team with a combined
experience of more than four decades working in financial structuring and private wealth at the
world’s top tier institutions.

Committed to long term environmental stewardship and the finalisation of our inaugural project,
this first-of-its kind UN health intervention project, Maji offers investors a project with full proof
of concept, and a refreshing and scaleable approach to invest for sustainability.


Alongside our trusted implementation partners DelAgua Health UK and the Rwandan Ministry of
Health in 2012, we embarked upon an extraordinary journey in pursuit of socioeconomic, health
and environmental improvement financed by the private sector. The independently audited
results have been profound. At the core is the strength and commitment to collaboration in
pursuit of a common goal that will evoke a meaningful change.


With $42m of entirely private capital under our belts, our vision, and that of our investors, are
completely aligned. Being acutely aware of how their capital profoundly impacts the lives of rural
African communities and how this outcome dovetails with achieving their financial objectives,
forward thinking investors understand that doing good is not, and should not, be a mutually
exclusive outcome to doing well.

Stakeholders, Partners and Supporters

Carbon Credit Partnerships

  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): Validated and registered
    the project, enabling each device to earn carbon credits through the Clean Development Mechanism.
  • American Carbon Registry (ACR): Validated and registered the carbon offset project following
    approved carbon accounting protocols and issues offsets on a transparent registry system.
  • World Bank: Off take agreement to purchase carbon credits from the project – a rate reflecting
    the high value and development impacts of the credits.
  • Swedish Energy Agency: Early buyer of credits and now sponsor of the World Bank off taker

Government Support

  • Department for International Development: Project earmarked for UK DFID Africa funds via
    Nutrition For Growth initiative.
  • Rwandan Ministry of Health: Official support from Rwandan government allowed for a
    smoother and more integrated project rollout.

Risks & Mitigation

  • Governance: Longstanding support from Rwanda government and multinational NGOs
    and country’s pledges to meet their intended Nationally Determined Contributions to climate
    change under the Paris Agreement.
  • Investment: UK based implementation company, Swiss based financing vehicle, secured via
    1st lien collateral agreement over carbon credits, inventory and property.
  • Clean Development Mechanism: project has been approved by UNFCCC, and the project’s
    UN’s operating & monitoring requirements are ensured by DelAgua through close oversight
    and adherence.
  • Off take and CER sales: managed through current off-take agreement with World Bank and
    their commitment to purchase volumes above the ERPA cap through to 2025 and beyond.
  • Usage/drop out: Independent audited reports have confirmed a consistently high device
    usage confirming that education, being the bedrock of the program, is working.

Overview of documents from our Dataroom (soon available)


  1. KYC
  2. Dataroom
  3. Prospectus

If you have other questions please send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call.

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