Introducing the Maji Token

Introducing the Maji Token

Introducing Maji Token – The smallest country in Central Europe helps the smallest country in Africa. The first tokenized note to serve the people of rwanda initiated by Liechtenstein

Blockchain Technology
We are embracing the blockchain technology for this to further reduce the admin costs and maximise the investors returns. Using a well adopted protocol called ERC-20 we will be able to distribute interest payments every year as efficient and secure as possible to all token holders.

Current equipment production capacity, and manageable supply growth can
support an immediate $50-100m capital injection. The bulk of funding is spent on equipment
(c. 60%). The company currently sources some of the equipment in China but could shift
production and manufacturing domestically, creating additional jobs for local workers and
increasing revenues further.

We offer investors a unique opportunity to make cost and time savings whilst maximising
their impact and meeting their environmental and social sustainability objectives, through:
• an existing UN Clean Development Mechanism
• direct oversight and transparency regarding use of proceeds and efficient implementation
• independently audited, proven health benefits for end users
• directly reducing Greenhouse Gases by using efficient technology which reduces
household air pollution by up to 73%
• a commitment by the World Bank to pay significantly higher future off-take prices of
carbon credits generated from the commercial sales of devices
• economies of scale from sharing in existing intellectual capital and skills, infrastructure
and logistics which have taken years to implement
• the ability to expand the project into household solar and TMT, as examples
• fulfilling suppressed demand goals (deforestation, less energy consumption)

Recap – Why the Maji token is a great way to diversify a portfolio of investments

investors full proof of concept with independently audited and publicly available
ON TARGET – results (see impact report attached – the key figs are: 50% reduction in diarrhoea, 73% reduction household air pollution, 28% reduction in cook stove emissions among children)
INVESTOR BENEFIT: high profile, Gold Standard accredited, proven project (PRESTIGE)

direct reduction in greenhouse gases/climate change and profound impact on health
=> INVESTOR BENEFIT: a double impact on environment (climate) AND society (health) (POWER, PLEASURE)

Pay for Performance “P4P” model / a virtuous cycle of sustainability ensures all stakeholders are aligned in the ongoing success and profitability of the project
=> INVESTOR BENEFIT: longevity of their investment (PLEASURE, PROFIT)

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