How to invest from the comfort of your mobile phone

How to invest from the comfort of your mobile phone

We wanted to make sure that the Maji Token is accessible for everyone who is interested to do something good but in the same step receive the 5% p.a. interest payments over 10 years. This guide is for users who want to invest in the Maji Token from the comfort of their mobile phone.

Tools you will need

  • Metamask installed in your smartphone to create an Ethereum wallet
  • An approved user account at (ready to invest & whitelisted)
  • Your KYC Data like (passport scan front, back, proof of residence like your telephone bill) in your Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or any other document hoster available for you.

Step 1

Firstly we start to download the Metamask app where you can easily create an Ethereum wallet. Please make sure to properly back up your private key as this is your access key in case you ever lose your phone. (This also works if you are on your computer you can just install the Google Chrome Metamask Plugin.)

  1. Go to Metamask App
  2. Create a Wallet
  3. You will receive an Ethereum Wallet address like 0x1A5AF86f31B7c300BcCAb641d55D66017ebaC005 (this is needed once you are creating your KYC application)

Step 2

Upload your high-resolution scan PDFs of your passport (front and back), your utility bill (if you invest over 15.000 CHF) into your Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud platform.

Step 3

Go to and fill in every detail and upload your KYC data along adding the Ethereum wallet and how much Maji Tokens you want to purchase. Then finalize the application with the click on the button after approving all disclaimers.

You can also view here the YouTube Video how it works.

Once you were approved as Investor you can then send your transaction either in USD, EUR, CHF to the bank account of Maji Holding at Bank Frick.

Or simply send your ETH transaction to the smart contract, the smart contract address is visible once you created a transaction in the KYC application. There is also an Email sent to you with all the needed information. If you experience any issues acquiring the Maji Token feel free to reach out to us.

email [email protected] or write us via the Telegram.

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