22 reasons for the Maji Token

22 reasons for the Maji Token

Our project is able to place up to 1 billion USD under the CDM scheme – we are able to achieve this together with everyone in this world. Do you want to be part of it? Feel free to start donating or investing into the project via http://kyc.blockchainmaji.com/

To understand what the Maji Token is all about we came up with our 22 reasons to invest in the Maji Token. Our team also established a quick video for a more enjoyable reading experience.

  1. In total, we have raised over 42.000.000 USD already to help fight suppressed demand in Africa, Rwanda
  2. We issue the Maji Token on the Ethereum Blockchain for maximum transparency and security with unique Bank transfer (USD, EUR, CHF) acceptance along with Ethereum as an investment currency
  3. We work together with the leading blockchain bank in Liechtenstein
  4. The blockchain act will give even more legal certainty for every Investor in January 2020
  5. We delivered already over 450.000 cookstoves and water filters to the poorest 30% families in Rwanda
  6. We follow the sustainable development goals of the UN 
    1. 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
    2. 7 Affordable and clean energy
    3. 13 Climate action
  7. We established a swiss SPV company with low administration costs and maximum transparency
  8. We are able to achieve a 5% p.a. interest over 10 years through selling CERs (carbon emission reductions)
  9. The project has been approved by UNFCCC, and the project’s UN’s operating & monitoring requirements are ensured by our partner DelAgua through close oversight and adherence
  10. Exponential scalability through the replication of the project in other registered countries including DRC, Burundi, Kongo, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda.
  11. Maji is dedicated to mobilizing an additional $100m of financing from investors who share our passion and those of our public sector partners 
  12. We are able to place up to $1 billion within 5-10 years. This expansion will benefit from utilizing the existing CDM approval and the same UN Programme of Activities
  13. First lien collateral ownership of property, income, inventory and produced carbon credits.
  14. Our grand vision is to drive the health of the African economies and communities of the future, based on environmentally sound principles to create a virtuous cycle of sustainability
  15. Off take agreement to purchase carbon credits from the project – at a rate reflecting the high value and development impacts of the credits with Worldbank and others
  16. We deliver a proven health impact like reduced child morbidity, mortality and significantly improved health through reduction of waterborne diseases and smoke inhalation for example 50% reduction in the odds of diarrhoea in children under 5, which is one of the leading causes of death or 73% reduction in household air pollution and 28% reduction in cookstove emissions exposure among children
  17. Our program has had a proven health impact. We have independently verified positive impact for respiratory and waterborne diseases.
  18. We empower women and children to become educated through reduced time taken to collect firewood and water ultimately allowing them to make a greater financial contribution to society and fight suppressed demand with us
  19. Independently audited reports have confirmed a consistently high device usage confirming that local education, being the bedrock of the program, is working
  20. Legally advised by SCHEIBER Attorneys at Law which is a purposeful and solution-oriented law firm
  21. Consulted and managed by BDO Liechtenstein
  22. Jurisdiction Liechtenstein with EU passporting of Prospectus (to be approved by FMA Liechtenstein)

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