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kigali gorillas rwanda Trillions of dollars
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to meet the sustainable development goals. Globally, green bond and loan issuance rose by more than 50 per cent to US$258 billion in 2019 from the previous year. join the movement

Want to help breaking the cycle of suppressed demand.

”surpressed demand” that is prolific in many developing nations such as inadequate levels of education, particularly impacting women, low overall incomes and poor infrastructure hinder access to basic human needs such as clean water and air. The World Bank and the UN consider that surmounting suppressed demand is one of the most vital impact levers to the advancement of developing countries.

We follow Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 8, 13
Frame 4 (1)
Virtuous cycle of sustainability

Educate Everything we have achieved so far shows us that education leads to high levels of device utilisation. Generate As device utilization increases, so too does Certified Emission Reduction (“CER”) generation and sale under the Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (“ERPA”). Create The more CERs generated and sold, the greater the resources available to produce additional devices. Replicate The four stage virtuous cycle we create is self fulfilling and perpetual. The project is able to grow exponentially, create multiple revenue streams and in turn, virtuous cycles of sustainability.

Social & Environmental

• Proven health impact: reduced child morbidity, mortality and significantly improved health through reduction of waterborne diseases and smoke inhalation.

• Overcoming traditional ‘suppressed demand’ barriers: low incomes are mitigated through
giving the devices away for free and challenges surrounding poor infrastructure are eased by the Rwandan Government providing logistics.

• Positive carbon footprint: reduced deforestation and CER generation.

• Strong gender angle: Empowering women and children to become educated through reduced time taken to collect firewood and water ultimately allowing them to make a greater financial contribution to society.

Economic & Commercial

• Productivity & output: a healthier, more gender balanced, workforce increases GDP.

• Education & employment: implementation and training programs, future maintenance and manufacturing contracts.

• Commercial returns: aligned project impact with the ability to organically grow exponentially through the creation of a virtuous cycle of sustainability.

Virtuous cycle of sustainability
Social & Environmental
Economic & Commercial

Supported by the United Nations, DelAgua, Worldbank and the Ethereum Blockchain.

We have already distributed over 450,000 cookstoves + water filters to the poorest 30% of families in Rwanda, touching the lives of over 1.5 million Rwandans.

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Tubeho Neza is a first-of-it’s-kind Clean Development Mechanism project under the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change, operating in partnership with the Rwandan Government and our experienced partner on the ground. By delivering simple items to the poorest communities, we are overcoming the effects of suppressed demand.

SDG 13
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    Environmental Facts

    Learn more about the world you live in, its weaknesses, and threats that people create for it daily
    Eco Facts

    27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper.

    Eco Facts

    Chewing gum will take 5 years to decompose.

    Eco Facts

    Each ton of aviation fuel is 3.15 tons of CO2.

    Eco Facts

    1 L of used engine oil can pollute 1 mil L of water.

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    The wonderful job that your organization does is truly priceless! I ask everyone who isn’t indifferent to donate and take part!

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    Angela Smith

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    Taking part in one of the campaigns was the best thing I have ever done. Please come and join us in making the planet green!

    Charles Lavigne

    Charles Lavigne

    Ontario, Canada

    We support your programs 100% and wish to integrate them into European ECO association. Thank you for the ideas and hard work!

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    Ryan Adams

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